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TopSingle Dedicated Rail
One Way To Be An Overclocker's Guru!
A tailor-made single +12V rail power supply build to maintain stability under heavy load and withstand power-hungry Triple SLI/CrossFire X graphic cards setup. An Overclockers and Gamers Must Have!
Top80 Plus Power Supplies
Every High Power’s 80+ Certified PSU is guaranteed to be high efficiency,Green Earth, and cost effective.
Look no further! Direct12 Power is a special tuned single +12V rail at powerful 70.9A built for power users and overclockers.
TopCost Effective Solution
Who says a solid performance power supplies have to cost an arm or leg. High Power's cost effective products are made to perform without hurting the wallet.
TopPower by Watts
Can't decide which of our premium products is right for you? Let our High Power Tech Calculator tell you what you need.