About Us Why High Power
Why High Power

Professional Manufactory
The newest addition to High Power Electronics’ factory layout has further increased factory output while minimizing downtime. Each of High Power Electronic production lines is maintained by a team of professional technicians and engineers to ensure highest quality control and operational maintenance.

Flexible and Comprehensive 
High Power Electronic offer the most comprehensive features and functionality than the competitions.

Uncompromising Quality
Uncompromising quality control enabled High Power to offer reliable products with unsurpassed performance to the market. With unbeatable track record, High power has earned a reputation as an innovative and vigorous manufacturer in the industry. High Power strives to build long-term relationships with customers by providing them with outstanding engineering innovations, quality, availability, and reliability in today's mission-critical fast-paced e-world.

Competitive Advantages
By developing our own circuits and defining the spec of key components, High Power is able to fine tune its power supply features at competitive-cost to the costumers while maintaining our high mark of quality.

High Power dedicates to provide a complete service to our partners and end-users. Our goal is to achieve not only win-win commercial activities we own, but also Corporate Social Responsibility.

erspicacious (Market Survey)
fficient (Productivity)
vailability (Value Pricing)
ompetitive (High Specification)
nhancement (Channel Support)

Golf-Surfaced Fan Implemented
Operation Lifetime
Achieve same air flow while spinning slower than normal fan. Less attrition on the bearing brings the beneficial effect of longer life span.

Energy Consumption
Achieve sufficient air flow for heat elimination at lower operation voltage

Noise Level
Provide same C.F.M. with 15% lower fan speed than normal fan